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So the server this blog is hosted on is bad.

I mean, I love the thought of a low end box and never have I pushed it to it's fullest potential, but I frequently get emails from statuscake telling me it's down, yet again. It seems to be network, the vm doesn't actually go down, but whatever. I'll say more about that another time.

Anyway, I am moving this site to a Kimsufi dedicated server in time. It's an i3-2130 for $12.99/mo on flash sale. Not an amazing "server" but the price is nice.

I'll still keep this LEB, it will probably host a mirror for stuff and backups, but nothing I will really care much about beyond that.

Perhaps I'll write a more in depth review about it all later.

Anyway since I scooped up a couple of these I'm going to move everything and mirror the data across them, along with publishing some downloads to the BuyVM anycast "CDN" I have so there will be a lot of redundancy when I'm done for everything.

UPDATE: 3:30AM on the 20th and I'm going to bed. https://jseb.ca is moved though (which probably doesn't mean much as it's mostly a screenshot server I use with sharex aside from mirroring some other files, but it had a lot of files (including the recovery bins, some images on this blog and one of the drivers for blackweb), and I'm slow as I talked a lot on discord in between, but it's moved.

Tomorrow is a busy day but perhaps in the evening I'll move some other stuff then actually get onto moving this website. Meanwhile mempler.de has been working on something with all that storage I've gotten my hands onto ;) Hopefully I can also write more about that as time goes on and get more involved into it (and learn more about node.js!!)

Oh yeah.... it's also an opportunity for me to move 100% of my stuff to HTTPS with HSTS. So there's that. Say goodbye to port 80.

Update 2 Nov 21 also early in the morning:

Moved jsebean.com (this site over). Should have been seamless since I'm not hosting any dynamic content here. Just a quick DNS change.