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Ohai there!

Current ongoing and completed projects:

  1. This blog
  2. IMB Gaming servers (Ark, CSGO, Minecraft, etc)
  3. Managing infrastructure for a number of people on IMB (providing hosting, CDN, storage, etc for various projects).
  4. Web design/development
  5. Writing a cross platform app that does something cool. This is a big project and something I really want to finish but not really prepared to talk about yet but it will fill a void ;)
  6. Blackweb driver hosting, because for some reason they're stuck in the age of CDs currently.

Current web portfolio, past, present and future

  1. Former owner and maintainer of ChickenTalk.org, a former online community for backyard poultry farmers in Eastern Canada (see archive.org example). enter image description here
  2. LoveTheLag.co.uk - Twitch.tv Online Streamer from Scotland personal website (Click here to visit) enter image description here
  3. Currently working on gigamons.de private osu! community (work in progress) enter image description here