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Jonah's Blog

Jonah's blog is here


I'm not that interesting, but much to my surprise it seems from time to time people want to get ahold of me. There are a number of ways to contact me, informally or formally.

If it's "official" or formal you're looking for, best shoot me an email to [email protected].

If it's regarding something on this blog, be sure to leave a comment! I usually get a Disqus notification for it.

If you're looking to talk to me live, when I'm online, odds are I'm on Teamspeak (screen name: Jonah, click to join the server), on discord, or on osu! Talk to me on there or send me a chat message on osu! if you want the fastest reply. You can also contact me via any of the social media links shown at the top of every page on this website.

That's about it. Okthxbai