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So Kong from the DD-WRT forums used to provide builds for DD-WRT that I used for my MVEBU Linksys 1900acv2 router. He apparently doesn't anymore, which is fine, brainslayer builds are fine for me, but I wanted to keep the bins he had uploaded for reverting to stock.

I figured I'd post them here in case someone else is looking.

While you shouldn't need these for your 1900ac router if you followed the "FAQ" thread response I wrote, there may come a time you do need it. I tested it before on my acv2 from Kong but I actually got these from a different mirror (since kong deleted them) so they are not tested. I may test them someday. Until then, use at your own risk.

This is a single zip archive with all of the factory firmwares for 1200ac, 1900acv2 and 1900acs, which in theory the acs one should also work with the 1900acv2. Sorry, I don't have them for any other router, but you can check out this thread for details if yours isn't listed here which I can confirm works for the later 3200acm unlike testing these which I haven't done yet. Been busy working but perhaps someday I will. If you can comment below your results though that would be appreciated!

Of course.... if you completely brick your router, you can always go the route of a usb-to-ttl cable.

Anyhow, here is the download link.

Hello world!

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This is my first post! More to come someday. This blog is where I'll post... probably mostly linux stuff? Anything I feel like writing about, you'll find it here.

Cool part about this? I want to see how far I can push a Low End box (as if you call a blog nobody reads "pushing"). So...

This website is running on a lightweight blog platform called htmly. It's flat file based when it comes to storing data, so it's memory footprint is way smaller. I save a lot of resources that I would have used with something like wordpress.

I installed lighttpd web server, and php5. Setup a custom config in lighttpd that htmly suggests so you can't access the config directories and so that rewrite works. Server OS running Debian 8 on a BuyVM 128MB $15/yr Low End Box. I don't expect to get much traffic here so I figure this LEB will last me out a while. And hey.... for running a fully functional blog/CMS platform, this looks sexy:

enter image description here

Yeah that's right! 8MB of ram used total for the entire system and web server. Of course, it's idle, and it is openvz (so not all the processes a dedi would have and in turn very little ram usage) but still, take that apache! No way it would use such little memory even idle haha