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So since I've started this blog I have received a lot more emails from readers than I ever expected I would (especially since comments are generally few and far between).

I don't do any analytics here so I've generally have no idea if people even reads what I post or not, but as it turns out some people do see things here from time to time and they email me (which lets me know they saw it!). Sometimes asking tech questions, sometimes contributing content (like the drivers for blackweb stuff I published a while back). I love all of it and it pleases me people see the content I publish here and appreciate it, I try to reply to every one I get (and usually do). I really don't mind helping people out who have an interest in technology like myself (It usually turns out to be a learning experience for us both), so if that's something you want to do, keep the mail coming. I really don't mind it at all (some people think they're inconveniencing me but they're not. I don't work in tech at my job so this is all a hobby for me and it's the only way I learn it all.)

However there's a certain group of emails I get that I usually don't indulge (is that the word?).

That is, linkbacks, ad requests or whatever else. For some reason people think my almost nothing blog might drive traffic to their site and will kindly request linkbacks. I've gotten several of these emails in the last month alone. I basically never do this however.

This blog is mainly a dumping ground for things I've had trouble with (and the odd rant I guess?) regarding servers/code/technology that I would personally want to see an article about, usually because there's no other source to find it without a lot of digging or it's hidden in endless forum posts somewhere. That's why stuff here can seem a little random, but it's pretty much only stuff that I have run in to, had trouble with, and wrote about since it didn't seem anyone else has wrote about it. Odds are, I'd probably forget otherwise anyway so think of it like personal tech notes I can look back on. I used to keep notes like this in Google Docs but I figured why not publish them?

It's also why posts are generally few and far between since 99% of tech problems I run in to generally can be found with a quick google search, so I don't see a need in being redundant. A waste of my time and usually other people far better than me can write much more comprehensive with less errors than I ever could.

Also I don't have much ambition to commercialize this website in any way. I don't really try to "promote" this site to be anything more than it already is. If someone finds something useful here that's fine, I'm just not interested in advertising, linkback requests or anything else like.

Like I said, I'm honoured you found your way here, and I'm surprised how many mails I've gotten from readers over the short time this site has been online, but odds are, if you're here and thinking of asking something along those lines I'll probably just reply No. No hard feelings, I still love you, I'm just not interested.