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Running osu! on Linux is easier than you think

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So there's lots of tutorials on the osu!forums like "Ultimate guide to low-latency osu! on Linux", "Solution: Running osu! In Ubuntu or Xubuntu", etc. And I'm sure these are all good tutorials that are awfully verbose. But I'm lazy and I didn't read them. I don't like reading too much, only writing, that's why I never proof read haha! I'm contrarian, it shouldn't be hard.

So here's the lazy way. I assume you know your way around linux and you actually know how to configure it (eg. Install proprietary graphics when needed) which personally, I feel that is beyond the scope of any one tutorial, especially how that changes so much and distros vary anyhow. Hardware configurations are a separate issue and effect far more than just osu! anyway, so look for tutorials on that if you need help with tuning any of your hardware (tablets, graphics, what-have-you). Google is your friend.

So if you are looking to install osu!... here is the TL;DR version

  1. Install Wine. (If you're on Ubuntu or debian, it's as easy as an apt-get)
  2. Create a 32bit prefix if you are on 64bit linux (you probably are). Don't know how? If you're learning to use linux and wine you should learn as pretty much everything you'll use in wine will need a 32bit prefix. A google search returns this for example.
  3. Install .net 4.0 and some fonts. I don't know what fonts are necessary but winetricks makes life easy and has the option to install all fonts. Which, by the way... you should use winetricks to do both since it makes it really easy. Another easy apt-get on Ubuntu/Debian. Soooo if you're new.... to run Winetricks on your 32bit prefix? WINEPREFIX=/whatever/your/path/to/32bit/prefix winetricks
  4. Finally, download osu! installer like you normally would on Windows. Fire up a terminal, cd to the directory where the installer is and run it in your prefix. Protip: Something like WINEPREFIX=/whatever wine osu\!installer.exe (Remember to escape the ! with a \ so Bash doesn't freak out over syntax crap)

It will install. I literally had no issues with getting it to work. No input lag. Great fps. I don't see the need, at least with the distro I was running (Ubuntu 16.10 at the time) to do any fancy hacking or installing different kernels. It works out of the box. You can then run the game osu\!.exe the same way you did with the installer. If you don't like using the terminal to launch it all the time make a launcher script or something on your favorite desktop environment of your choice to do it for you.

Otherwise if you want more help post a comment, post in one of the threads above, follow the instructions in those linked threads, cry to peppy to release the native linux client. But just don't make life too hard for you when you don't need to ;)